Natural Artesian Water

«AQUAMIRA» from the «SYRAT» company is, according to its taste and mineral composition, unique ultra-fresh artesian water


 «Aquamira» water (0.5l. / 1l. / 1, 5 l.) — the cylindrical shape of the bottle is practical to use and transport. It is really convenient to drink water from our bottle!

Our water is extracted from the artesian Well No. 1, located in the ecologically clean area of ​​the Foothills of the Zailiyskiy Alatau in the Talgar mountain range. The depth of the well is 120 meters.

Production process Water Aquamira

Production process Water from an artesian well is supplied to the workshop through a self-cleaning filter. When water comes in, water quality samples are always taken. After that, the water goes through a five-stage treatment and all the necessary stages of water biostructuring.

Our laboratory technicians monitor the quality, taste and chemical composition of water on a daily basis. In order to preserve the natural qualities of artesian water, we have completely abandoned old processing technologies and use only nature-like treatment. Reverse osmosis filters, which are used by many manufacturers for water purification, completely destroy drinking water, thus depriving it of its useful properties.

We take the pristine living water from nature and give it to you!

People are part of nature and natural «living» water, saturated with natural minerals and microelements, suits him best. Our water treatment technology helps to give it biological properties that will allow you to start the work of your body as if you have been living near a clean mountain spring all your life.

Aquamira water contains the following salts and microelements in the optimal amount for the human body:

necessary to maintain a constant blood reaction

necessary as a building material for bones and teeth

necessary for the normal course of enzymatic reactions , as well as the correct functioning of the nervous and muscular systems.

Chemical composition:

Hardness 0.90-1.60 mg-eq / dm3 Low-mineralized (ultra-fresh) 0.12 — 0.18 g / dm3 99

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