Aquamira “living water” sources from artesian well № 1, which is 115 meters deep and located at the plant situated at the foothills of the Zailiyskiy Alatau.

The primary source of Aquamira “living water” is crystal-clear glaciers of Talgar Peak. Flowing through many kilometers of rocks, the water absorbs natural minerals that are necessary for the body.

It is commonly known that artesian water from mountainous area has a well-balanced set of mineral substances and serves as a water quality reference all over the world. People living in mountainous areas have always been distinguished by strong health and longevity, and water from mountain springs makes a considerable contribution to that.

As everyone knows, the human body is 70% water. In the process of vital activity of the body, waste water is gradually accumulated in the cells of the human body. If the waste water is not replaced with new “living water”, it inevitably leads to a weakening of immunity and all sorts of diseases. Our health depends on the quality of the water we drink!

Aquamira "Classic" biostructured water.
Aquamira biostructured water can be rightfully considered as “living water”, since with its properties and molecular structure Aquamira water is identical to the water environment of the human body.
Aquamira "Fitness" biostructured water.
Drinking Aquamira "Fitness" water improves significantly the quality of muscle training and helps to reduce fatigue and recovery time. Aquamira "Fitness" water has been developed particularly for people leading an active lifestyle.
Aquamira "Iodine" biostructured water.
Aquamira "Iodine" biostructured water does not contain iodine ions, but when embedded as a component of the membrane of follicular cells of the thyroid gland it provides much more effective penetration of iodine ions into cells.

Chemical composition, mg/dm3 (maximum)

HCO3 Ca Mq
65-90 20-30 6


Brackish (sweet) 0.12 – 0.18 g/dm3
Hardness 0.90 – 1.60 mg-equ/dm3

  • 0,5 l
  • 1,0 l
  • 1,5 l
  • 5,0 l
  • 7,0 l
  • 19,0 l

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